January 26, 2010

David V. D'Andrea

I have a new favourite poster artist and his name is David V. D'Andrea. I found him whilst perusing Om's myspace page and discovered that as well as being an incredibly gifted illustrator, he has made art for a number of my favourite bands including Grails and Earth. His beautiful hand-drawn gig posters possess a human quality somewhat lacking in a lot of graphic art today, and his use of skulls, birds, flowers and pagan figures impart a certain grandiosity that I feel is appropriate for the music his posters represent. I bought one of his 'Scratch and Dent' tubes last week, which is a tube shipped for a flat rate with an assortment of slightly damaged posters in it, and not only was he a perfect gentleman to deal with, he also sent me an Om poster on request and threw in a few extra goodies that I wasn't expecting. The posters are also only very slightly damaged, and in some cases I haven't even figured out what's wrong with them. David, go to the head of the class and collect a gold star.

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