January 18, 2010

Holy Sons Wisdom

"What do people who want to confront serious matters in their life do with blunt statements like 'Don't Worry be Happy'? You have to point an arrow towards redemption or finding Love in the Universe... to just come out and say "Life is Great, Sit back and enjoy the Party" is to do a disservice to the audience's ability to deal with serious issues that lead to a greater understanding of why life is precious. " 

"Companionship with the like-minded blob, relief of individual responsibilities, and the pressure to join, in most societies, seem to be too hard to avoid for many people..."

" It's important to me to join the force of creativity in the universe as opposed to worshiping it as a subordinate. "

"I think we're collectively going through some sort of aesthetic crisis these days. When I look at the covers of the records assaulting the public daily there seems to be a type of general aesthetic confusion going on. I have a friend that's older and grew up just before punk really hit and he often laments how the punk phenomenon took away the ambition of bands to really learn how to play their instruments or make more 'developed-sounding' records. That's pretty analogous to how Photoshop has put the formerly-respected craft of visual art into the hands of the non-visually-inclined these days. ...We're kind of languishing in a post-modern graveyard y'know? "

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