January 6, 2010

Shaun Appreciation

Since moving to Melbourne Shaun has temporarily placed his film-making obsession to one side and has become obsessed instead with taking photos, which he's pretty damn good at as it turns out.  It's nice to see him creating so prolifically since film-making, being expensive and complicated, doesn't allow for the same level of experimentation. Of course, in true Shaun-the-eternal-pessimist fashion, he immediately became drawn to capturing images of things he found depressing....missing pet posters,  old men with one leg sitting on unpleasant park benches, high-rise council flats, dead possums, hard rubbish on the side of the road, Ballardian building developments...but surprisingly he has managed to create some very beautiful pictures from these subjects and as a result I'm rather proud of him. Recently he's refined his tastes a bit more to include more classic photographic imagery as well as trashed buildings, ugly graffiti, and general urban decay.  Here are some of my favourite photos that he's taken in the last few months.

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