February 21, 2010

Dead Bird

So Austin brought in this noisy minor the other day and politely dropped it at my feet. Judging by how intact it was I'm guessing it died of natural causes or fell out of a tree because it didn't have a scratch on it, just a tiny trickle of blood issuing from it's beak. It was my day off and the light outside was nice, so before giving birdie a respectful burial in the garden I decided to take some photos. With Austin locked in the bathroom and Monty being far too timid and obedient to cause too much trouble, I was able to pop the deceased on the back step and get some nice closeups. After watching me for some time, Monty finally made an opportunist attempt to drag my subject away by its head while I adjusted the settings on my camera, but he immediately dropped it when I cast him a stern look and spoke his name in a disapproving manner. Bless him.

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