March 7, 2010

Deaf, in a good way.

Yes, last night J Mascis and his flowing white hair descended upon Melbourne like an angel sent from guitar-fuzz heaven, treating us to a wonderful and lengthy set of material spanning Dinosaur's entire career thus far. To be fair to the ever-patient and talented Lou and Murph, they were equally entertaining if not more so (especially Lou mercilessly berrating the guy in the crowd who kept complaining about the volume of the vocals) but there's just something so endearing about J's out-on-day-leave mental patient vibe, which his increasing age has only accentuated.

Bizarrely, Shaun and I twice encountered J wandering the back streets of Prahran about 100 metres from our house last Thursday, but unfortunately lacked the courage to approach him. It occurred to me later that he was probably on his way to Licorice Pie Records and that I could have gone there and pretended to shop as an excuse to hang around and bask in his wizard-like glory for a while. Shame I didn't, becuase their most recent album Farm is not only an amazing record, it's cover art (below) is among the greatest things I've ever seen and it would have been sweet to have it signed. Ah well.  I've embedded the rather lovely film clip for their song Over It, which I hope will bring a smile to your face as it did mine.

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