April 8, 2010

Jeremy Boot Tattoo

There is a wonderful wildlife artist from my hometown of Adelaide named Jeremy Boot, who is known for his beautiful and accurate paintings of birds. His images can usually be found on quaint little teacups and the like, but recently I've had the opportunity to put some on a young lady's arm and it's a piece I'm having lots of fun with.

It's always nice when you become really entranced with a particular subject and your psychic feelers somehow reach like-minded people and bring them to you. This has happened to me a few times recently, and Jen, the lovely lass I'm putting these birds on, is a sterling example. Both of us feel an inexplicable connection with birds, which we are yet to understand but happy to explore...and what better way to do it than tattoo them on our arms?  I have my own exquisite sleeve of feathered friends from the rather lovely Geordie Cole, which I may post photos of some day, but in the meantime here are some progress photos of Jen's Jeremy Boot tattoo, and the gorgeous images I'm basing it on.


Caff said...

This is just so stunningly perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

Amy Duncan said...

thanks caff, it's my pleasure! if you click on the 'birds' label you'll find updated pics of the little fat guys and nest on here too, they're all coloured in now.

Unknown said...

omg Jeremy boot is my grandfather

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