September 3, 2010

Shaun, cats, interview.

A few weeks ago Julene from the blog Tattoo Snob requested an interview with me, which you can read here. When I told Shaun I was feeling anxious about my responses, he said "Well you're an idiot; but ironically that's not going to come across in the interview."  Bless.

Speaking of Shaun, today marks our tenth year together, so to celebrate I'm posting this picture of him under a pile of cats.


Fiona said...

Aw, ten year anniversary! Me and Chris celebrate ours in a month. 2000 was a good year for finding decently entertaining gentlemenn, clearly.

(And if Chris had his way I'd be getting a joke tattoo. He's been trying unsuccessfully to convince me to get a giraffe on my calf for the express reason that it rhymes.)

Amy Duncan said...

HAHA fiona that's so dorky! I wouldn't actually mind doing that kind of joke tattoo, and in fact I have done a few silly animal type things before that I quite enjoyed. field mouse riding a rooster, anyone?

high five for us finding our awesome men 10 years ago...back of the net!

Grr Argh said...

Love the article - and you definitely did not come across as an idiot ;]

I can't believe how long your waiting list is - guess we have to plan our visit to Melbs well in advance so we can book you in!

Btw, love the article photo - you're so grown up and beautiful <3

Amy Duncan said...

aw, thanks sonja...and whilst I am always booked well in advance, you don't have to go to the bottom of the waiting list - I'm sure I can make an exception for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on ten years :)

& I thought that the interview was great!


Amy Duncan said...

thanks jen :)

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