December 23, 2010

Chapel Tattoo sideshow poster.

Exactly a year ago, when I had my annual break over Christmas in which I attempt to make as much art as possible, I started work on this painting but totally fucked it up. I spent enough time on the sketch though that I didn't want to give up this year I tried again with a little more success. This was a gift for everyone I work with at Chapel - a great big thank-you to Jane, Kate and Andrew for giving me my dream job, and to all the other lovely people I get to hang out with every day who make my working life enjoyable.

(click to enlarge)

It's been too long since I drew this for me to remember why I chose to make it a sideshow poster, but it was super fun anyway... I did it mostly in Indian ink and watercolour, with some coloured pencil over the top in places.  Thanks again you guys, I love ya guts.


Adrian said...

Love this.

Anonymous said...

I adore this. It is currently my wallpaper on both my phone and my desktop computer. You are so good! (@iKeralot)

Ximena Apisdorf said...

Hello, Is this poster yours? did ypu do it?

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