April 8, 2011

Keeping me busy.

So much stuff on the go at the moment, and with most of it unfinished it’s nice to review it all every now and then so I can feel like I’m going somewhere. This year I’m going to try and document my works in progress better so I have something tangible to show for all the work I’m doing.
A few new finished pieces:
This one is a full sleeve that I recently finished on my neighbour Michael, who is also getting the lily plant pictured further down. Angels are not something I’d usually be into, but Michael is ace and I really enjoyed doing it. Better pics of this soon.
Some works in progress:
ugly little dog portrait for Nique:
Loving this lyrebird sleeve on Nick, who I bond with over Can and Grails and The Black Angels:
Buddhist sleeve on Earl who finally just got this finished after 2 years or something. Better pics soon:
Something different for me – a sewing-themed sleeve for Anneke:
Stargazer lilies for Michael: so excited to tattoo a bulb on someone!
some sketches for tattoos I’ve started but don’t have good pics of yet: a super fun harpie for my lovely client and fellow tattooist Leonie:
strange Victorian tea-drinking wolf-man for Anthony:
an epic Kuan Yin back-piece for Caroline, who got it outlined today and sat like a trooper:
And completely unrelated, a drawing of some dandelion leaves that I have been working on for weeks in my botanical illustration class:
Now I don’t feel so bad about not having a life.


wandering genie said...

I know I keep harping on it but I can't get over that little bee. that's insane. you're so good!

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

Heya Amy,
Love love love your work!! So wonderful to see your artwork, i've had a lil break from Tattooing while i raise my babies but was so excited to see another female tattoo artist who enjoys Tribal, i was learning under a Sydney tribal group and .......... fell in love with your peices! Do you sell your artwork? My best mate who's a tribal dancer is super keen to get one of your sketches tattooed on her but only with your permission and totally cool and understand if that's not something you do! but just had to let you know how much we admire your stunning art!!
Love & peace,
Ema lou X.x

Amy Duncan said...

naaw, thanks jeanne! I really enjoyed that one, and the lady who got it brought me a neat book about bees to read too - they're unbelievably interesting critters!

and ema lou thanks so much for all the kind words, it's always nice to meet a fellow tattooer/tribal dancer! I'm not sure about the sketch in question as I've mostly done them specifically for clients, but email me about it and we'll talk about it a bit more - amy@chapeltattoo.com cheers!

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