April 28, 2011

Mushrooms, Swords, Booty.

I’ve done so many fun things in the last few weeks I don’t know where to start. First was my lightning fast trip to Adelaide for the sole purpose of drawing mushrooms up at Kegan’s farm, where he treated me to delicious coffee and a tasty lunch fresh from his garden. This was where I spent most of the day, under an oak tree with lovely dappled sunlight streaming in while I drew:


Autumn in the Adelaide hills is incredible. I shall  write a much lengthier post about these mushrooms and my myriad reasons for drawing them when I find the time.

The following week I had my first ever sword-dancing lesson, which as it turns out is every bit as cool as I had expected. I have been discussing swords with my sword-smith friend Tim and he will be making me my own sword soon, about which I am suitably excited. Hopefully I will look as tough wielding it as my teacher Mel does:


After that it was Easter and I had 5 days off with Shaun all in a row, as well as a lovely visit from our sister Kate who brought us some amazing farm booty, because she’s the best sister ever:


Kate is studying Veterinary Science at Uni, and has to do work experience on farms, where it turns out animals die all the time and leave cool skulls lying around. The two big ones are cows, and the little one is a sheep, along with a stray jawbone thingie (they have a name but I can’t remember it) and a sweet curly horn which Shaun intends to turn into a traditional Viking drinking horn.  Seeing as we are Duncans, and hail from Viking heritage (and King Duncan of Macbeth fame), this seems a fitting thing to do with it.

Here’s Kate hanging out with Austin in our back yard:


What is it about moving away that makes family time so much better?

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