July 20, 2011

Some works in progress I’m excited about.

Snake with poisonous herbs on my lovely Adelaide client Amy, who is studying to be a naturopath. Way too much fun.  Anyone who can name the three plants gets a gold star.


An octopus for Adam’s head. WHY THE HELL NOT?


Gypsy lady for Michael, soon to become a full sleeve. Fun fun fun.


A portrait of Pauline’s Grandma, with licorice and candy.  Actually finished this today but didn’t get a photo...real happy with how it turned out. Grandpa to come next, with cards, dice and dominoes.


Super-fun jellyfish on beautiful Anneke, almost finished but didn’t get time to colour the bubbles.


Also outlined a collection of totem animals from the tradition of Celtic Shamanism on Ainsley the other week, which I enjoyed immensely. Pictures of that as soon as I have some worth showing.


wandering genie said...

While I'm on a commenting spree, I really love the color work you do without black outline like in that jellyfish. It's really really nice

Amy Duncan said...

thanks jeanne! I quite like the way it looks too, but often shy away from doing it because on a practical level it's often much harder than just outlining with black. but I think I'd like to use it more in pieces like this where millions of little black lines would be way too overpowering. besides, I do seem to like making my life difficult...

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