December 18, 2011

Happiness of late.

Amazing Moss Agate ring from my local crystal shop:

moss agate

Kooky tiger painting from my boss Jane:


Origami unicorn tattoo from my friend Dan, in homage to my favourite movie ever:


Scans of old family slides my Dad gave me recently. I don’t remember this occasion but I do remember the Rainbow Starbright mirror I’m holding. I think this is the coolest photo of me ever taken; I look like I’m donning my war-paint and bearskin in preparation for some kind of school-yard battle or shamanic initiation:

face painting small

Speaking of bears…this is the cat I grew up with, whose name was Bear:


Porch-side drone jams with Shaun and Jerome:


shaun with singing bowl 4 

and Saturday afternoon break-beats…

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