December 4, 2011

Lepus Luna

So if you've noticed that I haven't been posting here as much of late, that would be because I've been busily working on an exciting new project with my husband Shaun, which we've named Lepus Luna. Motivated in part by the desire to spend more of our time working together from home, as well as by the numerous requests we've received for prints of our respective paintings and photographs, Lepus Luna will be a mutable space that can accommodate whatever we're working on at any given time, either individually or together. This is our brand new logo!

The most significant move we've made towards getting this thing off the ground is the purchase of a large-format digital printer that is capable of reproducing artworks and photographs at museum quality standards - commonly known as giclée printing. Not only will this make it possible for us to make our personal art available to people, it will eventually give us the opportunity to help other artists we know and admire to make prints of their work as well. With the photo-editing skills and printing knowledge that Shaun's been gaining at his photography course, he's able to achieve printed results that are as close to the original artwork as possible, which has always been a challenge for me in the past.

As we are both still working full time, progress with this thing is going to be slow, but we plan to have our first print available before Christmas this year - a very limited edition of my painting from earlier this year called La Louve, signed and numbered with some hand-painted gold detailing. Check out our new blog and follow by RSS, or like our facebook page if you're keen to get updates on prints and other things we're doing.  Cheers!

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