April 20, 2012

Empty Night Skies

So I've been overseas for a month and haven't posted since. I have many stories to tell and pictures to show,  but in the meantime I wanted to post about Empty Night Skies, a bat-themed art show in Philadelphia that I have a piece in.

It's opening happens tonight I believe (I'm not good with the time-zone thing) and is being organised by a particularly awesome and talented lady named Jeanne and her (also awesome) partner Mike. The show is a benefit in aid of bats, as the poor critters are dying rapidly in that part of the world and are in dire need of help - you can read more about the plight of bats and Jeanne's reasons for doing this show on her own excellent blog here. You can also see the humbling list of participating artists, which includes the rather incredible Paul Romano whom some of you may know from Mastodon's first four album covers.

I really loved the idea of doing something a little more artistic with this piece, but knowing my rather time consuming working habits and having a really strict deadline before I left for Europe, I figured it might be best to stick with graphite pencil and a straight scientific study from a real bat - a style of drawing I feel comfortable with and that can be chipped away at over a number of weeks. I also figured the chances of someone else having done something similar were slim...here's hoping. You can click these images to enlarge:


This piece and many other excellent artworks will be for sale at Empty Night Skies, with all proceeds going to Bat Con, and I believe some artists will have prints to buy both at the show and perhaps online. I wasn't able to get prints ready in time for the exhibition, but I will make prints at some point soon and will donate a percentage of each sale to Bat Con. If you're interested in a print, keep your eye on Lepus Luna, and check out Empty Night Skies on Facebook.



wandering genie said...

Amy! thank you for writing about this! I actually took some pictures of your piece framed to send you! It looks really beautiful! Also can't wait to hear all about your trip

Amy Duncan said...

You're most welcome Jeanne - thanks for inviting me to be part of it! Best of luck with the opening, and I shall email you about the trip very soon...blog posts to come also.

wandering genie said...

Oh I should also note you're the only one who went the scientific drawing direction so far (half the art is at the other organizers house but I've seen a lot of it)!

Sandra Tyler said...

I just love this post and the previous one, of your studio; I'd like to combine them somehow as a spread in the next issue of THe Woven Tale Press. You can see current issue here:


email me either way at sandratyler@me.com referencing this post.
Thanks Sandra

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