July 21, 2009


Any one who knows me well is aware (and probably weary) of my obsession with Jesu. Justin Broadrick is just one of those rare people who consistently makes honest, sincere music that never stagnates or repeats itself, and doesn't shy away from exploring territory unfamiliar and on occasion displeasing to his fans. From Napalm Death to Godflesh to Jesu the sentiment behind his musical expression seems to remain the same, differing only in the form that it takes.

I think Jesu is particularly close to my heart due to the fact that Godflesh have been one of Shaun's favourite bands for over a decade, and he actually played them to me for the first time on the night we got together. Still, despite my fondness for Godflesh and my eager anticipation of that first Jesu release I was not prepared for the near-religious experience I was to encounter on listening to it for the first time. And even now, many repeat listenings and several years later, the impact of that first impression resonates with me throughout every one of these beautiful recordings.

But enough of my rose-coloured opinions, if you have any interest in hearing this band then check out the clips below, the first being a live version of my favourite track from the album 'Conqueror', and the next three being an in-depth interview with Justin interspersed with some of the better live footage I've seen, probably more for existing fans. To buy Jesu records and keep up with related news check out Justin's blog at http://www.avalancheinc.co.uk/ .

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