June 10, 2010

George Harrison portrait.

As a genreral rule, I tend to find tattooing portraits incredibly stressful.  When it's a portrait of somebody's loved one, you know they've spent so many hours staring at the face you're replicating that any tiny detail out of place will ruin the tattoo for them. When it's a celebrity or a famous photograph, as is the case with this George Harrison tattoo, you know that if you fail to get it exactly right your tattoo will forever be prompting that dreaded question: "who's that meant to be?"  I guess I'll never know if anyone can tell who this is meant to be because I've put his name in huge letters in the title of the post, but I'd like to think I got this portrait down. It took me a whopping 5 hours to do, which my client graciously sat through on Sunday without making a peep, but I do think it's probably the best portrait I've done so far.

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