June 10, 2010

Om live.

I am so incredibly happy that Om, one of my favourite bands, will be touring Australia next month. In fact I'm sure that most people reading this are sick of me banging on about it, and about (drummer) Emil Amos in general, but I get like that about my music and I'm not gonna fight it.  Besides, I want everyone to come along and support them so the shows will be awesome and they'll come back again...and maybe they'll bring Grails with them next time! Although I think the excitement would kill me.

Anyway, in anticipation of the three Om shows (!) I'll be going to in July I've been watching lots of live clips and I thought this one was was particularly noteworthy.  As it says in the YouTube comments, "cymbal ecstasy"... enjoy.


Steve said...

Hey I stumbled on your blog from the Emil Amos Interview, just thought I should let you know that Holy Sons is apparently booked for a show in Melb!

Amy Duncan said...

Thanks Steve, I just read Emil's blog post about it last night..too exciting for words! Never thought I'd get a chance to see Holy Sons so it's a very nice surprise.

Steve said...

Im jealous! Om are coming to Canberra but the chances he gets to play a Holy Sons show here are pretty slim indeed! Maybe I should just book him myself! (as if :P)

Amy Duncan said...

hey, it's worth a try! or you could just come to melbourne :)

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