November 21, 2010

Nice people and cats.

OK I'm not gonna lie, these last few weeks I have been grumpy as hell (sorry about that everyone). But nothing cheers me up like nice people and cats, and this week I got both. Amongst other things, I had the pleasure of tattooing one of these Louis Wain paintings on my lovely client Sally, who will eventually have a whole sleeve of them, with a view to possibly filling the other arm too. I think more people should get tattoos of cats, because I am having way too much fun with these.

The day I did this fiddle-playing kitty was a particularly memorable one; right before I started it my very dear friend Carrie had a baby boy and named him Austin, which is also my beautiful grey cat's name. That day was also notable for my boss Jane tattooing Sinead O'Connor (who was dagging out in trackies and ugg boots) in the booth next to me, and Mariachi El Bronx playing a headline show for the Melbourne Arts Festival, which I attempted to enjoy despite not being in the mood for the rowdy drunks in front of me.

Another tattoo I enjoyed this week was this delicate leaf on Kate, one of the gorgeous waitresses from Dukes, my local coffee shop. I had been cancelled on for about the squillionth time, and I was broke and miserable so went to get a coffee and have a grizzle about it. Being the wonderful lady that she is, Kate took pity on my sorry soul and arranged for both herself and  fellow Dukes customer Jade to get tattooed by me that afternoon. I didn't get a photo of Jade's lightning bolt, but doing both these tattoos brightened my week, as did sharing a drink with them both after work. Thanks you guys.

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