November 15, 2010


Couldn't resist drawing some beautiful peonies I picked up at the florist the other day, although they all died before I had a chance to see them open unfortunately. I'm struggling to get past the drawing stage with my botanical illustrations, because painting super detailed and realistic things with watercolours is unbelievably hard! (who'd have thought?) But I am working on a painting of a little bud from this bunch that hasn't died yet, and if it's any good I'll post a pic of it. I really hope it turns out ok because my inability to progress with these paintings is starting to bother me, but one good finished piece should be enough to get the ball rolling. 

Oh yeah, and if you're in Melbourne you should check out the exhibition of incredible botanical art currently being held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, including some art by my lovely teacher Mali - details here. it closes on November 21 so be quick.


Anonymous said...

I love this image. Would you consider selling me a downloadable PDF of the image so that I could use it on an event invitation?

Chastidy Ronan,
Executive Director, Alpha Pregnancy Center

Amy Duncan said...

Hi Chastidy, I'm so sorry about the late reply - I read this at work one day and meant to reply later that night but promptly forgot to do so. If it isn't too late, you're welcome to use this image free of charge on your invitation.

Sweeping the Moss said...

Hello Amy, I too love this image. Would you allow me to use this image on my invoices? My company (small, small business) name is Peony Hill. I do environmental garden care and design. Sincerely, Gina Field

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