November 8, 2010


I just ordered this new instructional DVD by Rachel Brice, and I am so ridiculously excited about it.  This clip won't be very interesting to most of you because it's just an ad for the DVD and features Rachel talking about yoga and drills (although the demos alone are amazing to watch), but get a load of the performance clips interspersed with it all! They appear to be her best performances yet, and she looks exquisite as always.

I'm so pleased to see that she's incorporating more of the rhythmic hip movements which caused me to fall in love with belly dance to begin with. Beautiful as her trademark snakey arm and torso undulations are, I think they feature in her dancing a little too strongly sometimes, and I feel like I want her movements to address the rhythm more directly as they do here. I'm especially loving the choreography at the end of this clip, which is set to to Borino, my favourite track from the Beats Antique album Collide. If you like what you see, also check out the video below which is a live improvisation...incredible.

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