August 17, 2011

More AJ Fosik

About two years ago I posted a short blog about a wonderful man named AJ Fosik, who makes some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures I've ever seen:

There aren't too many artists around these days whose work is truly unique and memorable to me, but I really think AJ has created something pretty special with these creatures. So imagine my delight when I discovered that he would be creating the cover art for the new album by Mastodon, my favourite metal band, and that they've made a cool video to promote their new single featuring the sculptor at work:

More of AJ's goodness:

I'm not sure exactly what Fosik is getting at with these sculptures, but I don't think it matters because one thing is for sure: they are at the opposite end of the art spectrum to all the annoying, ironic, post-modern wankery that the chin-scratching gallery crowd are so very fond of. It's refreshing to see art that appeals to the viewer in such an honest, uncomplicated fashion - you don't need to read his manifesto or ask him about his childhood traumas to appreciate what he's doing. In the little artist profile posted below, he talks about a fondness for folk-art which is a nice point of reference, and one that I can relate to working as a tattooist.

Here's hoping I can have an AJ Fosik original hanging on my wall one day.

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Fiona said...

Woah, those are completely awesome and/or terrifying.

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