September 28, 2011

Animal friends.

I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing some stellar individuals recently, and they’ve been getting some really fun designs to boot. For some reason I seem to be doing a lot of animal designs, many of them totem or special animals to the wearer, which always makes them more enjoyable for me. Yesterday I started this cute robin and  olive branch on the very lovely Kat, who works across the river at Fox Body Art in Collingwood.



Got to test out my new camera on this one  too, which takes way better photos than my phone does.  Hand-me-down cameras are just one of the perks of having a photographer husband!

Another totem bird, from a few months back now…a little swallow for an awesome fellow named Drew, who I had great fun tattooing and talking shit to for a few hours.

drew birdie

A tiny lizard on Ainsley as part of her Celtic shamanism-inspired piece; this is just one of many animals I’m doing on her leg, including a stag, a fox, a hedgehog and an otter…but no decent photos of any of them yet.

ainsley lizard

Also fun recently was this zebra on beautiful Kate from Dukes, my beloved local coffee shop. Soon we’ll be adding poppies to this for some extra colour, and I shall get a less gross-looking photo as well.

Copy of kateszebra

More Louis Wain kitties on Sally…I’m gonna be so bummed when we fill this arm up, which will be happening rather soon. Hopefully she’ll let me start filling the other arm after that though. 

Copy of drquack

Copy of teacupdude

Perhaps the most unusual request I had these past few weeks: a lynx and a pine martin running alongside eachother. There was an awesome story attached to this tattoo that I have sadly forgotten, along with the cool Polish name of the nice chap I did it on… but I know it was inspired by a sci-fi or fantasy novel.

Copy of lynx and pine martin

And last but not least, a bordering-on-silly kitten playing with yarn tattoo for my darling sister Kate. The first of many cat tattoos I’ll be doing on her, I imagine.



little bird big chip said...

wow. the colours and shading on that robin are ahhhhmazing!! i havent forgotten our trade ambitions....! now im wondering if i should enlist your services for somethin more botanical inspired?

Amy Duncan said...

thanks lady, and yes that would be right up my alley! I'm sure your japanese flower-arranging experience will serve as inspiration too.

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