September 30, 2011

Sleepy Sun

I’ve acquired quite a lot of new music recently, but right now as my poor workmates know all too well, I just cannot stop listening to Sleepy Sun. I’ve been addicted to both their albums ever since I heard them a few weeks ago, but it’s this amazing first track on their latest album Fever that kills me every time. Here’s some cool footage of them playing it live in Barcelona.

Unfortunately Rachel, the female vocalist featured on those albums and in the footage above, has since left the band which is such a shame because I find the male/female harmonies in Sleepy Sun thoroughly mesmerizing. Hopefully her absence won’t spoil my enjoyment of any future offerings they have in store, but I’m definitely sad to hear she’s gone.

You can buy their albums and some pretty great merch from their website here. Fever especially is worth getting for the gorgeous cover which was done by one of my favourite artists, David V. D’Andrea who I talked about on here a little while back


Go buy some of their stuff, and with any luck they’ll be touring our neck of the woods some day soon.

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